At Storage International, we not only believe in providing you with great opportunities to store your goods, we also believe in keeping your stored goods safe and secure from harm. We have various preventative provisions in place to ensure that your goods are protected to the best of our abilities. Here are a few of the safety measures we have in place to protect your storage unit:

Access control

We offer 24-hour access control at Storage International. This safety measure is in place to reduce the risk of any of the goods within the storage units at our facility. It also notifies us of all people entering and exiting the premises by securing our access points.


We want you to know that we always have eyes on your storage unit, whether it is with the use of our surveillance system or our on-site guards. The cameras and guards are a preventative measure against thieves, and they allow us to identify any potential threats.

Fire protection

Storage International is all about all-round protection, from theft to fires. Due to this reason, we have multiple fire extinguishers around the facility to ensure that we have every opportunity to get any fires that may occur under control as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

Electric fencing

You can never be too safe, which is why, above all our other safety measures, we also have electric fencing that surrounds the entire property, as a safety measure against prohibited access from the outside. The electric fence paired with all our other safety measures is useful in helping Storage International keep your storage unit as safe as possible.