Your storage unit is a space for you to keep all your extra goods safe and there’s nothing safe about storing your goods in a storage unit with pests. Pests could come about for any reason and, unfortunately, storage facilities can only do so much to keep them out. If you’re worried about pests moving into your storage unit, here are a few ways to keep your storage unit pest free:

Use repellents

There are a few home remedies for a pest-free environment, such as using peppermint, lavender essential oils, cayenne pepper and more. However, there is some scepticism as to whether these homemade repellents work. If you’re uncertain of these methods, we recommend using mouse traps and bug spray – reapplying the spray every time you visit your storage unit. Start using repellents from the moment you move your goods in.

Pack goods away

Pests are always looking for places to crawl into for protection from the outside world, and what better place to hide than in the easily accessible cardboard boxes filled with blankets, curtains and more things to chew and create nests in? Invest in plastic storage boxes with seals to avoid the terrifying experience of opening a box in your storage unit only to find a mouse colony.

Prohibit eating

If you’re storing or eating in your storage unit or leaving food lying around, you’re inviting unwanted pests. Don’t give these pests an opportunity to invade your storage unit. The best plan is to make your unit a food-free zone to avoid any old sandwiches from attracting hordes of mice, cockroaches or ants. Not only should you not store any food in your storage unit, but you should not eat in your unit either; those little crumbs may not seem like much, but they are a feeding frenzy for pests.