Are you considering storing valuable items in a storage unit? Sometimes storing your valuable goods is necessary, but you need to take extra precaution to ensure that they are well protected from any damage. We have a few tips and tricks on how to correctly store valuable goods. Read about these tips below:


If you have too much jewellery at your home, but its sentimental value (and actual value) is too high for you to get rid of it, you may want to consider storing it in a storage unit. When storing jewellery in a unit, you should ensure that the jewellery is stored in a box with a soft interior. It is also recommended to store the jewellery in a box that is compartmentalised so that the pieces of jewellery can be separated from one another in order to prevent them from scratching one another.

China crockery

China is a very delicate type of porcelain crockery. These crockery sets also happen to be very valuable which means that precautions should be taken when placing them into a storage unit. There are a few ways for you to protect these items such as stacking them on top of one another but separating them with a piece of cushioning such as cardboard or cloth. They can also be protected by being placed in a box that prohibits movement.

Art Another valuable item that you may want to put into storage is fine art. Art is quite finicky when it comes to storage. We recommend that you, or a professional, hang the pieces within your storage unit. Another consideration is light. While most storage units are completely closed off to outside light, there may be little holes that will let light in. When placing the art on the walls of your storage unit, ensure that no streams of light will reach it.