Storage International Trust is a prominent space supplier which caters for all your office and home storage needs. Our storage units can be incorporated to spaces such as retailers and small business owners to private individuals to store a versatile range of items and equipment such as furniture, files, stock and even cars.

Here are a few distinct characteristics to look out for when choosing a self storage unit:

  1. Understanding how long your equipment or items need to be in storage

The time constraints of knowing how long your items will be in storage will affect the type of storage unit you would invest in.

  • Considering to build or renovate a building

It would be in the best interest to store equipment and items when project requirements include renovating, building and cleaning the structure.

  • Convenience and accessibility

The ease of accessing your storage unit is imperative in ensuring you have constant access to your belongings when necessary.

  • Individually alarmed units

Choosing a storage unit supplier should be easy when security is their priority. Security features of the units such as video surveillance or locks on the units are important.

Contact Storage International Trust for more information when considering investing in a self storage unit.