Self-storage is a great idea for any business! It allows for more space around the office and enables a business to monitor goods in a more organised manner. However, simply having and using a storage unit will not benefit you as much as it would if you were using the self-storage space effectively. Here are a few self-storage tips for any business to use:

Unit’s size

One thing that you need to consider when looking at self-storage is the size of the units. Not all units within a self-storage facility are the same size, and it is important to find a unit that is a suitable size for what you intend to store.

Categorise items

The categorisation of items is highly important in the organisation of your unit. This is a tip that could save you from digging through piles of items in search of what you need. All you need to do is label boxes (it may be wise to add a list of contents too) and place all boxes with the same labels in the same area.

Take inventory

Taking inventory is a great idea for business owners. By taking inventory, you will always be aware of every item that has entered or exited the self-storage unit. You can easily do this by creating an initial list of items in the unit and creating a second list for people to identify and sign off on what they have removed from and taken back to self-storage.

Package appropriately

It is important to note that self-storage units do encounter the occasional pests. To ensure that these pests do not get into your business’ important items, such as files, we recommend the appropriate packaging. Sealable plastic boxes are the ideal choice for the protection of goods.